POS displays for a new product line.

When an interactive exhibit goes into series production, it's always a success story for us. The POS displays for the Yamaha STAY TRUE headphones are such a story.
Yamaha needs new POS displays for a new product line. They are intended to make customers “palpable” in electronics markets across Europe. The new product line of Bluetooth headphones and earphones is designed to attract eyes and ears.

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As an office for digital demands, we first, as always, conduct a thorough analysis of the competition. What are the other brands actually doing to present their headphones in a stimulating way? Some headphone manufacturers allow you to select sounds and adjust the volume using buttons, while others allow you to plug them directly into your mobile phone using an aux cable. All interesting, but not really inspiring. Brainstorming and a creative dialogue with Yamaha begins. A concept slowly forms in our heads.

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We want it to appear as if a person has the headphones on.

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As soon as someone takes the headphones off the stand, the app recognises it and the "sound check" begins automatically. All project partners like this new approach, so we set about implementing it.


We create sophisticated plans for everything: the sheet metal parts, the Plexiglas, the wiring and the assembly. We make a layout, program the app and organise sustainable, stackable packaging.


From the beginning, we pay attention to a modular design. For example, two boxes with tablets can be placed next to each other. However, it is also important for Yamaha to track the flow of data in order to make visible which features are clicked on and how often.

One gimmick is particularly popular: the user can click a "See Yourself" button so that they can see themselves via the front camera with headphones on.

This project is rounded off and upgraded with its own website, which presents all conceivable scenarios, contains detailed operating instructions and an FAQ.

The positioner has been built 600 times so far, a complete success! It can be recorded in German, Italian, French or English.

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